“Time” to play again



This is my latest work in progress. I found my inspiration from a friend’s photo. This will be a multi-media piece. I’m thinking pen & pastels meet.
More coming soon.
Sorry been gone so long CRAZY! Few months. Hpping this piece gets me back in the swing  of things.
Also, I’m designing wedding invitations.  Thay process to be posted soon.

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Fresh new twoodle

Twoodleing is BACK! here is a quick sketch for todays block of words. I went with penguin and catapult. I used a 6B pencil with a rub stick to blend & play a bit.

I wanted to give the penguin a sinister look because with a flick of his finger her could make his enemy whomever that may be go KER SPLAT

twoodle 06.26.13

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Croquis Figures

Hello all! The past few weeks I’ve been trying to adapt to the kids summer schedule. It’s been rough but I think I’m getting closer … that is each day they are closer to going back to school & my 11 – 3 will be all mine again.

On 1 of my visits to my local Blick art store I stumbled upon the Croquis sketchbooks. I thought it was be a great/easy way to keep art as a daily habit. I’ve been enjoying the shading, sketching & playing w/the fabric movement.

Only issues is after a while these figures start looking alien. They are Barbie bodies. Small torso. Super elongated legs, arms & necks. Odd hands & feet. I can now understand why Project Runway contestants get upset when they throw in a kids & non model shaped women/men challenges.

Here’s what I’ve been playing with:

figure1.1This is the outline of the croquis figure. This is a mild looking figure. Some have horrible hands-missing fingers, deformed hands, man feet, crooked arms, crazy necks & other malformations.

figure1 figure2

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The Ketchup Bottle Invitations …..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was a fun piece to work on. I was challenged every step of the way, but that is a good thing. This idea for this piece was born during a conversation between myself and two other women talking about starting businesses. The hoops we have to jump through. The journey and successes. While we were sharing stories I had stated that I was just commissioned to do wedding invitations. I saw the a lightbulb pop out over the one woman’s head. She was throwing her husband a surprise birthday party and had been looking for a unique way to do it. She wanted a ketchup bottle theme because their last name is Heinze ….. and so became the Ketchup Bottle invitations.

Playing with the idea began. Images rolling around in my brain. I started gathering information about the person the party was for… Detroit Lions was his football team. He fishes an is a real family man. I started laying out the colors on the ketchup bottle while attempting to sketch a nice looking fish.

Fish was a challenge. They all looked like slimy aliens. I researched various sites. Kept coming up with nothing I found appealing. I searched various angles of bass, crappies, big mouth bass, perch and so forth. In the end my sketches of crappies were the best look and less creepy. Plus, I got pleasure out of saying I was sketching crappies, “off to do some crappie sketching”

I have reached the point where I add in the crappie fish. Let the erasing begin. I shifted this fish slowly and methodically until I got the position that worked the best for the piece.

I had added in the light sketch of the crappie. I was adding colors to the bottle but something wasn’t right. Both the bottle and crappie didn’t pop yet. The fish needed colored placed one stroke at a time. ERASE. The bottle was looking flat. It needed curves and dimensions. ERASE. The eraser added dimension to the bottle without dulling the color.

Then the text  …. I have the wrong team symbol. I had Indianapolis Colts on my mind for some odd reason and he’s a Detroit Lions fan. I was annoyed with myself for being an idiot and not writing down the info. Off the drawing board goes version number one. Some pacing, pondering and wondering. New blank sheet of paper is taped down onto the drawing board



Now begins the ketchup bottle, Detroit Lions & the pig.

The ketchup bottle is better this time around more ketchup bottle shape rather than BBQ sauce shape. I changed the lettering a teeny bit. Most important I needed to incorporate the Detroit Lions. Do I add Barry Sanders or Alex Karras (he’s my favorite from that team) number to the piece? Little bit of pig photo research while I think about the piece. Add the right team colors to the bottle label. It suddenly hits me use the Lions symbol as your background. It’s one of the coolest symbols in football. I traced it off my phone and did a rub to place it on the piece. Even doing that I still didn’t get it 100% but it is darn close.

Time to add the pig with the apple in its mouth. Piglets are cute but adult pigs get creepy. All I kept seeing was the pig head worn as a mask in a horror movie. Of course adding color helps. My technique is adding the lightest colors first so they standout and not blend or bleed with the darker colors. This means the pig head sits there looking hollow no eyes and no color or apple in the mouth. The piece is really pulling together.

I add the Detroit Lions color to the background. Work on the base color of the pig mixture of light pinks and a touch of brown. Next step, thankfully I gt to add color to the eyes and put the apple in the mouth. This also leads to my favorite part adding shadows and shading.

Unfortunately, there is a piece of this that’s bugging me, the nostrils. They needed a little something. They seemed to shallow and needed more depth and shading. I erase the nose. Shading and some shadowing are added. It seems better. I move to the apple in the mouth. I didn’t want it just to be round it needed the stem and leaf on it to give it more power.

It’s DONE! It’s complete! I fixed my mess up. Made it even better, in my opinion. Now I can breathe easy while I design the physical invitation.

A lot of pastels, brushing, erasing and hard work went into this piece. It gave me a challenges and I didn’t back down.600dpiCarrieinvitation

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Coming soon ….

I will have a large blog update on the process/creation of my latest commission piece.

Think …. ketchup bottle …. pig …. crappie …. football ….

What I’ve learned from this experience so far is that learned word challenges are everywhere.

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Two Twoodles and a Goose

twoodle snoopyThis my Twoodle from two weeks ago. I am at a loss for all the words there were to choose from but boy did I have fun. As a kid I loved to draw the Charlie Brown crew & Snoopy, Spike & Bell were my favorites :) I chose the words: Snoopy, ballet, coffee and moon. I need to work on my tutu technique but other than that I had fun with the piece. I believe Snoopy’s shirt says it all.

twoodle treeThis is this weeks Twoodle submission. The words I chose were marshmallow, cookie, tree, lollipop and fluffy. Again, I had a lot of fun working on this piece. I kept it in pencil to keep it “quick” and “simple” As soon as I saw the words tree and marshmallow I saw the marshmallows hanging from the tree. I toyed with making the tree fluffy but nah! I put lollipops sticking up out of the ground and dangling from the tree. When I thought about the lollipops on the ground I didn’t know where else I could go with it so…. I scraped that idea. Lollipops hanging from the tree wasn’t working either. There was gravity issue and how in the heck do they stay attached properly to the string. Agin, NOPE! Dog was a word choice but I just couldn’t envision that in my head. So I sketched. Doodled. Erased. Then ducks showed up and the piece came together.

gooseFrom a blank page and a doodle this goose was created. It all started with the shape of his beak and grew from there. I think I went to far with his neck I should have left it smooth. The wing settling at is side doing nothing annoys me. It’s almost as he has a lame wing. I had to give him Big Bird legs it just seemed right and fun to sketch. All in all he was a good experiment. I will add him to future pieces.

HOPEFULLY …. coming soon my adventures in teaching art class.

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Two Word Challenges In One

This week’s piece contains items from two weekly art word challenges. Twoodle & Illustration Friday.
The Twoodle words this week were gecko – soccer – jacket – chartreuse – chase – flower – monster – daisy – yoga – gnome. I went with monster & chartreuse. While crafting this piece I felt the need to add a little something to the sky & for him to hold (light bulb) add an egg or four for the illustration Friday word challenge.

Here is my piece for this weeks challenges. I know the monster looks more alien BUT each monster I sketched was to creepy or scary. I did have one tearing through paper peering through & trying to get to the flowers it was just too creepy. I erased it & four other sketches until I went Alien. Figured Alien is just another name for monster. It’s a monster of another world …….

2 word chalenges in 1 picture

If you want to learn more about Twoodle here’s the link: http://www.lovetoillustrate.blogspot.com/2013/02/twoodle.html

If you are interested in Illustration Friday here’s the link: http://illustrationfriday.com/

Happy sketching everyone!

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